Uniqwa shines at Decor and Design 2017

Uniqwa is a QLD based importer whose focus is on South African furniture. The first project that we have worked on with them on was to have two 3 x 6 stands that reflected the origins of the furniture. They also wanted to create the perception that their brand and products are unique, expensive, and beautiful.

We received some photos of the look Uniqwa wanted to mimic, and we went from there to help him bring his ideas to life. The look that they wanted was the thatched roof, willowy beach, resort, hot weather, upmarket feel.

To keep the authentic look and feel the client sourced some of the building materials from South Africa such as latte poles, which we used to create the roof. Uniqwa shipped these to us raw and incorporated them into the overall build.

The partnership between Uniqwa and John Gibson Displays has been a great one, providing us the opportunity to work on some unique and beautiful designs. Uniqwa has been growing their stand size every year, with 2018 being an ambitious and amazing 6 x 12 display.