Fine Food Australia 2017

Pizza Revolution represents a range of brands that sell ingredients, accessories and everything else to do with making pizzas. In the run-up to the Australian arm of the 2017 World Pizza Championships, they asked us to develop something special, a stand that would serve a number of purposes including a popup restaurant to display the culinary talents of participants. But that wasn't all. It also had to feature the wares of several sub-brands. So how did we go about it?

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A high-quality and impactful exhibition stand to host the World Pizza Championship at Fine Food Australia at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

The Pizza Revolution story.

Pizza Revolution needed so much more than just a standard exhibition stand. They required a working popup restaurant where top Italian judges would appraise the creations of professional and amateur pizza makers and two working shops.

These outlets had to stock several sub-brands each with their own branding, logos and imagery that had to be printed and displayed. There were also more than 300 products that needed to be shelved and displayed.

This project involved us dealing with the specific requirements of each sub-exhibitor.

The stand was divided into three principal areas one for each of the three main exhibitors. And each of these had their own sub-exhibitors.

  • Visco Fine Foods: displayed pizza ovens and required a shop to sell pizza toppings and ingredients.
  • Napoli Food and Wines: featured eight sub-brands and also needed a shop.
  • Pizza Revolution: popup restaurant to host the pizza-making competition.

Such a complicated setup was not without its challenges:

  1. We had to create two rustics shops to present the logos and wares of the sub-brands.
  2. The time-consuming graphics process. Graphics were submitted in several formats to all the exhibiting companies and approval was needed from each one.
  3. Building a popup restaurant with working fridges, freezers, sinks, dishwashers and pizza ovens fuelled by gas bottles.
  4. On the day delivery of equipment such as pizza ovens that had to be carted in and positioned perfectly, all while the clock was ticking.

Ensuring the stand fulfilled the needs of each exhibitor required a great deal of collaboration, communication and management. Every logo and product had to be showcased in exactly the right spot and we also had to create a warm inviting Italian environment. With shelves of flour and pizza products, the two smaller shops resembled two rustic grocer shops that you might find in any village in Italy. Meanwhile, the stand was enhanced with the creation of wall coverings to look like the inside of a pizza shop. This was achieved by printing a 7-metre vinyl sheet with tile effect at our JGD warehouse and then assembling the walls so that each sheet matched perfectly.

The pizza-making competition was a huge hit with judges, participants, exhibitors, spectators and the media. The stand received a lot of attention, a testament to JGD’s ability to handle multiple stakeholders. The stand was even able to be used for another event.