Hyper at PAX 2017

IOS and Android app development company Hyper approached us to build a stand for PAX the biggest gaming event in Australia. It was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and attracted thousands of publishers, developers and gamers. Promoting at a gaming event is hard work especially in a huge space with myriads of distractions. It's easy to be lost among the morass of competitors so it was imperative for Hyper that they stand out.

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A sleek, custom-built exhibition booth for a major gaming event that successfully combined the stand design with our technological expertise.

Hyper at PAX 2017 story

This was JGD’s first time at this event and our first time at being involved in a gathering where there was such a heavy emphasis on tech and AV. The project was an exciting mix oftheatrics, technology and brand positioning and we relished the opportunity to help our new clients make an impact.

The stand was 81 m2 with three sides open 4 metre high black walling, overhead banner with speakers and coloured lighting, a presentation stage with two televisions for gamers to easily and comfortably sit and play to their hearts content. 6 x 32” kiosks allowed people to stand and play games as well as 6 x larger screen sit down kiosks, that combined with the clients hard drives and headphones made for an amazing gamers paradise.

With routers, HDMI cabling, CAT 6 cabling, Wi-Fi, playstations (PS4’s), screens and active stations Hyper's booth had a lot of technology. This posed some unique but not insurmountable challenges for us. It relied on our ability to design and install a complex wiring system to ensure gamers could enjoy a hitch-free and enjoyable experience.

Making Hyper’s vision for their booth a stunning reality involved a lot of work. We ordered and secured all AV services including hardware and coordinated the rigging of speakers, audio visual elements, mixers, switchers, cordless microphones, headsets, Wi-Fi, cat 6 cabling, HDMI, joiners and routers. We also built a 50 millimetre raised floor and all the cabinetry. Additionally, JGD was responsible for the red LED lighting effects and all the graphics, including CNC cut-out logos with a light box behind, direct mount vinyl posters and overhead banners.

We had a busy two days of install that involved a lot of last-minute additions requested by the client. These included additional rigged speakers, an assistant to switch the TV to the PlayStations on demonstration day, daily stand cleaning, extra staff for Sunday and extra lengths of HDMI cabling.

Throughout the project we communicated with the client via email, WeChat and Line and no request was too small.

It's all about exposure and we created a booth that attracted a constant stream of visitors. It provided a rich gaming experience for attendees and was a reflection of our client's reputation and inventiveness. This project also demonstrated that we can handle any changes or requests even last-minute ones. We are a can-do company and understand the need to act fast and provide fast solutions.