ARBS 2018

Fantech is a leading supplier of commercial grade ventilation technologies and fans and wanted a display at ARBS 2018 (Air conditioning, Refrigeration Building Services Exhibition). We were only too happy to help.

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The Fantech story.

This was a very technical project and the client needed highly detailed drawings of everything such as the sizing of our walls, beams, columns and panels. The reason for this was that they had to make their display props to suit our display walling. Additionally, the stand featured purpose-built ventilation systems and purpose-built ducting that were reliant on our sizing. Accuracy was of paramount importance.

Onsite management was also full-on and very involved. As we were building our structure, the client was installing eight display products. This caused our team a considerable delay of approximately eight hours as Fantech staff made use of tools, ladders and other pieces of equipment.

The display products were:

  • Ceiling-mounted Gorilla Fan (approximate blade size of 4 metres).
  • Huge operational Rhino Fan.
  • Recovery Ventilation.
  • Air Design AHU.
  • Centrifugal Ultra.
  • Attenuator.
  • Jet Vent.
  • Apartment Ventilation.

All items were operational: some used three-phase electric power others ran on single-phase.

We were also constrained by the client’s modest budget and so using a rigging system to support the fans and vent structure from the roof wasn’t an option. At times when clients want to display very heavy items and/or the display is oversized, we engage the services of riggers who drop a few points over our stand to assist the support of the structure. However, unless the client wants a banner in the roof, using rigging is an expensive option.

So without a rigging system, we had to improvise and it’s here that our creativity went into overdrive.

The JGD factory adapted the ground-based structure to support the heavy machines and ducting. And this support was strengthened by using aluminium through the main roof structure.

Our Approach

Due to the high level of detail required for this project, there was constant communication between JGD and Fantech. We spoke to each other at least once a day every day during the two months leading up to the event.

Additionally, the approval process for graphics was also quite drawn out as Fantech had a lot of detailed graphics panels.

Our concept design was based on the client’s very comprehensive brief that outlined all the products they wanted to exhibit. We successfully realised their vision for the stand which helped to strengthen their brand at the international trade fair.