Fine Food Australia 2017

Elenka is a big name in the food industry, a Sicily-based company that has been making gelato (ice cream) and pastry products for more than 50 years. To showcase their brand in Australia the company wanted to exhibit at Fine Food Australia at Sydney's International Convention Centre. So though an Australian based agency (who are Italian) they approached John Gibson Displays to help them come up with something super special for the food, beverage and hospitality trade fair.

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Overcoming venue challenges to design, create and install a stand with a working kitchen for a client who wanted to create Italian ice cream to showcase their gelato products.

The Elenka story.

Elenka required a stand for two exhibitors, itself and Pavoni, an Italian company that makes silicone moulds and equipment for pastry professionals. Top of the agenda was a working kitchen where a chef would be able to showcase Elenka's ingredients by making delicious gelato. To help realise Elenka's vision for their stand we held six meetings with them over a period of a few months.

We had to build a working kitchen to make gelato and a shop to display and sell ingredients. The stand needed to be connected to a water supply, waste pits and three-phase electric power. This was unusual because not every booth we build needs a kitchen and the planning phase before hand is a lot more complex than the normal display stand. We have to source pit plans from the organiser with the stand space over the top to show exct locations of services. We then design our stand elements around the pit plan, ensure this meets exhibitors requirements, book the water and waste services with the 3rdparty who are usually engaged solely by the organiser to supply these services. JGD then can build “the nice functioning kitchen” around all of this.

To save the client money our design deliberately placed the kitchen sink over the waste pits rather than connect to them from a distance.

There were numerous challenges with this project. The most persistent was getting approval from Italy before any changes could be made. Consequently, time was a crucial factor in everything.

The venue has huge columns dotted throughout and unfortunately Elenka had one in their booked stand space. Our designer had to accommodate this column in our design. On move-in day the client shipped in all their freezers, fridges, gelato makers and other machines. Our team then had to place them in exactly the right spot for optimum use by the chef and so that they were directly over access to the services and utilities. All the planning beforehand eventuates into a successful install.

The concept for the booth had to incorporate all of Elenka’s needs as well as cope with the practicalities of the locations of the venue’s services. The design was sent to Italy for approval and this was followed by a few alterations before the client signed off on it.

We also had to liaise closely with the International Convention Centre for the pit locations (for water, waste and three-phase electric power services) and engage the licensed electricians and plumbers to connect our kitchen build.

A great looking and working stand that perfectly showcased the client's brand and products. And the gelato was AMAZING.