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Array Technologies

Array Technologies

"If looking for a booth partner in Australia for the future, Laetitia and her team are amazing"

US based Array Technologies (May 2017) needed an overseas partner to handle everything for them so they could fly over and walk on.

We handled all the logistics, organised branded giveaways, printing of promotional material, catering, and more.

Read the full story below.
6 x 6 stand with suspended signage
Large panel printed branding
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What Array Technologies said about working with us

Everything was handled well and with no issues at all. Everything was worry free and little effort on our end. I would 100% recommend J.G Displays for every show.

The Array Technologies story.

US-based Array Technologies (May 2017) was seeking an exhibition partner for the 2017 All-Energy event. The large distances and time differences created a real challenge, and they needed someone who could handle everything for them, from dealing with local providers to having their display walk on ready.

Despite stiff competition, we were able to show our experience working with overseas clients, and our commitment to delivering on time to win the job.

Due to the distances and time zone differences, the initial correspondence was via email. Closer to the event launch we utilised web technologies to run video meetings, allowing us to walk the client through the designs, let them point out concerns and ask questions. Sometimes this meant 4am phone calls.

On top of the normal exhibiting needs Array Technologies also had a unique requirement, they wanted to feature a large piece of equipment that weighed over 2 tonnes. The booth design needed to include a platform that could handle the large weight, provide easy access for forklifts and be at specific height for the forklift to be able to lift the equipment onto it.

Apart from the stand build itself, we arranged the following other elements of the booth.

  • Overhead rigging and banner production
  • Stand lighting
  • Graphics production
  • Catering
  • Promotional material giveaways (USB charger packs)
  • Printing of promotional pamphlets
  • Wifi
  • Coordination of solar panels and demo tracker unit to our factory
  • Forklift services on site
  • Freight
  • Staff / Labour Hire
  • Flowers
  • Extra furniture

We coordinated all these elements, with proofs, approvals, emails, costing, and changes going back and forth. With Albuquerque being 16 hours behind Australia it at times was challenging finding a mutually good time to chat, sometimes with texts going back and forth late in the evenings.

Array Technologies were thrilled with the results and having such great support despite the event being held in another country.