Aeromil custom pavilion

Standing out at the 2015 Avalon Airshow

Aeromil @ 2015 Avalon Airshow (Melbourne)

The conditions at Avalon are anything but user build / contractor friendly. Normally, Avalon is a hot, windy, dry, open grasslands and home to a small regional airport  (approx 1 hour out of Melbourne) that services JetStar. 

There are the main airport facilities, (terminal and runway) and that is it. 

When JGD arrive to construct our chalet or Executive Business Unit (EBU) fitout, Avalon has been transformed with hockers (exhibition pavilions),  mobile office facilities, mobile toilets and more. 

Even so, Avalon in February is hot and with no air conditioning and shade the boys battle it out for a week to erect our awesome fit outs.  

Aeromil is one EBU we fit out, with a raised false timber floor, internal walling, reception area, lighting, graphics, furniture and decoration.  We also took care of supplying  some external decorations, planter boxes, entry totems and furniture. 

Airshow comes to Avalon every 2nd year and is one of the highlights in the JGD calendar, apart from heat and snakes, there is nothing that compares to the practice run and roar of a F 35 hornet or F 22 Raptor as they grace the skies above Avalon in preparation for the public a week later.

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