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We have designed some amazing stands and booths, creative solutions combined with great marketing ideas. You see, at John Gibson Displays we dream big with our clients and want them to prosper.

When it comes to creating a spectacular stand there’s much more than meets the eye. There’s a story behind each successful event. Let our clients’ success stories give you inspiration and insights into what can be achieved with a well thought out display design and a marketing plan.

Each story demonstrates our flexibility and ingenuity as we identify needs, overcome unexpected challenges and pull out all the stops to create memorable stands that turn heads and fulfil our clients’ objectives.

Pizza at Fine Food Australia 2017

Pizza Revolution needed so much more than just a standard exhibition stand. They required a working popup restaurant where top Italian judges would appraise the creations of professional and amateur pizza makers and two working shops.

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Elenka at Fine Food Australia 2017

Elenka is a big name in the food industry, a Sicily-based company that has been making gelato (ice cream) and pastry products for more than 50 years. To showcase their brand in Australia the company wanted to exhibit at Fine Food Australia at Sydney's International Convention Centre.

Despite having to overcome many challenges such as creating a stand with a working kitchen to showcase their gelato products, we built a great looking and working stand that perfectly showcased the client's brand and products.

And the gelato was AMAZING.

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Array Technologies at All Energy 2017

US-based Array Technologies (May 2017) was seeking an exhibition partner for the 2017 All-Energy event. The large distances and time differences created a real challenge, and they needed someone who could handle everything for them, from dealing with local providers to having their display walk on ready.

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Array Technologies All Energy 2017

Hyper at PAX 2017

IOS and Android app development company Hyper approached us to build a stand for PAX the biggest gaming event in Australia. It was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and attracted thousands of publishers, developers and gamers. Promoting at a gaming event is hard work especially in a huge space with myriads of distractions. It's easy to be lost among the morass of competitors so it was imperative for Hyper that they stand out.

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Hyper at PAX 2017


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