Shell Scheme Booth Design

Small Budget Big Impression

Stand out and be noticed with JGD Shell Schemes that make an impact.

Shell Schemes

Our shell stands are an affordable way to create a presence at your next exhibition or event. They are ideal for companies with little or no experience of exhibiting or who are on a tight budget.

Normally shell stands are pre-built in a row of similar-looking stands. The problem with this is that it's very easy to be overlooked. So the challenge is how to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Exhibitions and trade events are amongst the most competitive arenas on the planet as you occupy a pitch surrounded by competitors vying for the same customers. Therefore, you have between two and four seconds to grab a passing customer's attention. That's almost impossible to do if your stand is identical to the rest. Make no mistake about it. If your standis boring you are going to struggle to attract anyone. This is where we can help.

At JGD we will turn your blank canvas into something special, an audience magnet that will grab attention at your next trade show or event. And it won’t cost you the earth! For very little outlay our designers will work with you to visualise and transform the shell into something inspiring that will draw the eye of visitors. It’s the cost-effective way of creating an impact.

What is a Shell Stand?

A shell stand is the cheapest and most common type of stand or booth that an event organiser will offer you. They usually consist of aluminium frames, bare wall panels, a fasciaboard, electric, lighting and carpet. Standard sizes are either a 3 x 3 (9m2) or 6 x 3 (18m2). 1, 2 or 3 sides open. Your stand will either be on the corner with two sides open or part of a row with one side open or maybe a three sided open space with just a rear wall.

There are restrictions placed on exhibitors using the organisers shell scheme and these include not being allowed to screw, adhere, or alter any of the walling / booth to suit your own tastes. The only way to get around this is to engage us to go “over the top” of the organisers supplied bits and pieces and we can do whatever you want to personalise your booth.

Whichever option you have affects how much wall space and signage space you have as well as the flow of people through your booth. It is imperative that you make the most of what you are given. Think of a shell stand as an empty room that needs to be dressed up.

Every other exhibitor with a shell scheme starts off like this. It’s a boring sea of visual sameness with no brand differentiation. But you don’t have to accept this standard look. Even with a small budget, you can have something incredible that conveys your message the way you want to the audience you want to reach.

What We Can Do With Your Shell Stand

Just because you have gone for the cheaper option it doesn't mean that your stand will look that way. We have a range of options for shell stands such as graphic panels, furniture, banners, audio-visual elements, hanging rails, posters and much more. We can even throw in a kitchen sink!

No matter what you want from your stand our designers will maximise the space to allow you to work efficiently.

Above all, we will create a dynamic and appealing look such that the shell scheme is barely recognisable. Exhibiting is about being noticed and getting people talking and that's what we're about.

Shell Scheme Upgrades

We can also transform your booth with a variety of eye-catching upgrades. They include but are not limited to:

  • Walling options higher than 2.4m
  • We can go 3m or 3.6m
  • Large printed graphic panels or logos that are higher than the standard 2.4m walling around you, this automatically stands you out over others.
  • Raised floor options
  • Coloured carpet
  • Furniture hire.
  • Extra lighting

Small Budget Big Impression

At JGD we’re all about helping you to make sure your event is a memorable one. Our flair and know how will give you a stand that you can be proud of that will leave a positive impression on attendees.