Project / event management

Want a worry free exhibiting experience?

Let us take the headache out of exhibiting by handling everything for you.

JGD, your full logistical and event coordinator.

We know all the restrictions, venue requirements, dock handling logistics, materials handling requirements, the ins and outs of all venues and organisers.

We can save hours of a clients time by knowing who to call for answers, who to ask speciality questions from and how to bypass the time consuming process of the world of logistical nightmares.

We can often negotiate early access times allowing booth build and stand completion to be completed earlier, again saving frustration, stress and crazy last minute rush.

We handle all OHS, compliance, both for venue and organiser and we take care of everything.

We receive access to the client event portal and we run the whole thing.

JGD take the headache out of exhibiting by handling the following requirements often requested from us by event organisers.

These are an example of some of the OH&S forms that are required to be submitted for every client at every event Australia wide.

These can vary depending on venue as well for example hotels (Sofitel and Crown) will have their own personalised induction and OHS processes.

  • JSA
  • Electrical Compliance Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Certificate
  • Stand Design and descriptions of build and materials used,
  • Engineering certificates if required
  • Materials handling forms
  • Loading Dock booking forms
  • Move in times and date, early access negotiations
  • Electrical power order form
  • Rigging and lighting forms
  • Site inductions for venue and organiser
  • White Card

Speciality Requests

JGD can organise speciality items such as metal fabrication, welding, 2 PAC spraying, plastic and acrylic production, electric glass, speciality lighting and overhead options.


As well as our own truck and trailer most often we engage exhibition freight forwarders as they are aware of deadlines to venues and shows and are able to meet unusual times and day requests for pick up / delivery etc.

The exhibition industry works outside of standard hours and very often our freighting partners collect from us weekends and after hours and deliver to the venues at the time dictated by the organiser.


JGD take the headache out of graphic production.

We partner with production houses that use the latest technology to bring to life a display stand.

3D lettering, vinyl, SAV and high TAC, CNC, wood created graphics, styrene logos, back lit, foam, light boxes, forex, digital printing, vinyl banners and led illuminated logos.

Audio Visual

We have all basic stock in house, a wide variety of LED tv’s, media players, speakers etc.

We can coordinate all high end items such as LED walls, plasma banks, rigged speakers, and more.

JGD work with your display requirements to fit and loop tv's to laptops, to routers, to gaming consoles, using CAT 5/6 cabling and HDMI cables and we discretely hide all of this under the floor.

It is therefore paramount that the planning involved beforehand is accurate as this is one of the first items that are laid by our install build team on site.

Labour Hire

JGD coordinate the right labour hire for every job and coordinate the teams to bid and install many displays with very limited time sometimes over different venues.

Sometimes we have 1 full day to install many stands.

We enage with partners that carry the same ethos as JGD who on our behalf assist us to deliver first class, on time and professionally delivered display stands.

With JGD you can count on us to coordinate and deliver every aspect of your booth display and will go out of our way to assist with every query you may have.