Exhibition booth design

Booth Design

45+ years’ experience of designing exceptional exhibition spaces

Floor Space

From a smaller 9m2 booth space, right through to a large island raw space planning the best use of this space is overlooked over and over again. The space needs to be captivating with colour, information that is sharp and to the point, be well branded and have products that the potential buyer can handle. Ensuring a comfortable traffic flow within the stand is important to allow people to walk around and take advantage of the venues lighting as much a possible.  Obviously choosing a larger space will give you greater options to make a big statement and promote new products. Partnering with JGD, you can take advantage of our 45+ years’ experience to assist you in creating and organising your space in the best possible way.

What we see time and time again is a company that has already invested a lot of upfront (pre return) money in the original booking of the floor space at any given event, stops here at this point and forgets about continuing the process with an amazing display stand. To maximise your investment, consider engaging with JGD who can take your booked space, 9m2 or 90m2 and let us create a memorable, exciting, engaging space for your potential customers to be drawn to.

Booth Layout

After you have booked your space, start considering the layout,

What are you planning on bringing to the show, how much stock are you exhibiting, is there one or more items that is the “hero” product? Do they require elevation? Do they require information (leaflet / brochure) to be displayed alongside, how will you display these items, do they need showcases, waterfall arms, plinths, lockable display units, do you require a POS area with till / EFPTOS facilities, storage space for extra stock,

Do you require a private discussion area with potential customers?

With JGD, we can assist in this planning process, tell us what you have, what your product is, what your aims and objectives are and we can design the stand elements around it maximising your space, working with your budget, to highlight your products for maximum exposure to the passing customer.

Booth Furniture

What do you need to make the stand functional yet inviting? Do you need POS display areas, display plinths, discussions areas, audio visual, shelves. When choosing furniture ensure that they do not create awkward obstacles or look out of place with your stand design or your products, If you have an edgy on trend product that is highlighted for sale at millennials, don’t use old fashioned style furniture that is a complete opposite to your target market. In this instance, using the latest looks in furniture displays and products you will attract your target market more effectively. Props must match your theme,

JGD has lots and lots of furniture for hire, as we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and ideas.

Booth Lighting

Lighting is paramount, and very often overlooked in stand builds. Lighting can create ambience, mood, special effects, highlight hero products, make a statement and much much more. Consider your display items and the best way to make them stand out. How will you do this? Additional lighting (other than venue lighting) can be achieved from walling (ground based), plinths or display cases on the ground (eye ball lights) or rigged overhead. These are a few examples of how you can use lighting to create that little extra special on your display. JGD have an extensive arrangement of lighting available for hire and we tee up with experts who can supply speciality items such as gobos, and other computer controlled lighting and special effects,