Exhibition Design Brief

Design Brief

A detailed brief is paramount to a successful booth.

A detailed brief is paramount to a successful booth.

The who, what, when, where, and how much are the first stage questions we ask of a new customer.

After initial contact from a potential client we ask these questions:

  • Who are you? Who do you sell or promote to?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your product? What do you want to achieve at the show? What are your aims and objectives?
  • When is the show? Have you booked space only or a shell scheme? is it a once off exhibition or do you exhibit in multiple shows across the event calendar?
  • Where is the show or event?
  • How much have you set aside for marketing and exhibitions?

We also require other vital information like a floor plan of the exhibition with the clients stand number and space area clearly identified.

It is imperative that we know very early on what are is booked because there is a difference between shell scheme package and space only.

With a shell scheme the organiser of the event usually supplies carpet, the walls (front runner or light weight board), 2 spot lights and a power supply (probably only a 4 amp) and a fascia board with a name panel.

With space only, the space is raw Ie: a concrete slab and the exhibitor pays for all customised display elements.

After initial conversations we would google the potential client and check out their web site to get a better understanding of their products and we might ask them to send us a spec sheet of their products they wish to exhibit so we can better understand their product.

We usually ask questions about the products / machines they may be displaying like : does it require air / or water, does it require 3 phase power, will it be operational on the stand for demonstration purposes.

Asking those questions assists us with the design, for example if the client requires water and waste we might have to suggest a raised floor so that the pipes have room from their machines to the pits (located in the venue floor)

We discuss branding and appearance and talk about the best way to showcase their brand. If they are a toy company maybe the look they would like is a fun, vibrant colourful display that is appealing and eye-catching to all ages, as compared to a high end Government Department or an aerospace supplier the branding and design would be more conservative / formal and subsequent design options would reflect that.

We ask about their pre conceiived what ideas they have, if they have exhibited before what worked, what didn’t work,

We ask about storage, discussions areas, do they need meeting rooms, privacy, security, coffee / tea facilities, wifi, catering, materials handling assistance for their products, and anything else that may be relevant to a successful display.

The more information we get from the client, the better we can turn this into a successful concept design.