Construction and product delivery

High quality results, on time and where you need it.


Working from your brief our designers create the look and feel of your stand. Once you have given us the green light production begins. Our team of skilled and experienced craftsmen will custom build your stand from scratch in the JGD 2000m2 factory. Being able to manufacture on our own premises ensures that our clients get exactly what they have ordered. It also means that only high-quality materials are used to create each stand.

We will furnish you with production drawings, material samples and artwork templates so there are no surprises. We will deliver exactly what you have ordered. If any problems occur during production or changes need to be made we will discuss these with you in person or over the phone before we go any further. For additional peace of mind, we will email you photographs of stand elements as they are built if you require.

We also organise the creation of all third party assets such as signage, CNC, video production, banners, rigging services, power supply, lighting, furniture, greenery and flowers, cleaning and so on.

But our service doesn't end here. We will also ensure that your stand gets to your venue in good time.

Transportation and Logistics

We have an in-depth of knowledge of transport solutions and strongly advise you never to use a general freight company. Many don’t have the sense of urgency nor the understanding of the intense time restrictions placed upon stand builders and exhibitors for the installation and removal of displays. In short, they do not put you the client first.

Let us illustrate with a couple of potential horror stories of how it could all go terribly wrong:

Example 1: A freight company offered us their services, which on the surface looked very good. So we called to enquire about a shipment to Brisbane. They informed us they could take the stand to their Brisbane depot, where it would sit all weekend prior to delivery to the event site on Monday morning. Apparently, their staff doesn’t work on weekends.

However, we needed the stock to be at the venue on Sunday morning, so our stand builders could get to work in readiness for the show’s opening on Monday. This freight company did not get our business.

Example 2: This is a hypothetical example but stories like this abound in the industry. Let’s say you engage a non-exhibition freight company to ship your stock or product interstate and the truck breaks down en route. You are not going to see your stock in time for your event.

However, if a trusted exhibition partner has your stock they will be prepared for any eventuality. If a truck breaks down, another vehicle and driver will be on standby to pick up from where the other driver has broken down. Your stand will arrive as promised, on time and in one piece. There simply is no other option.

So how do you avoid transportation and logistics problems from occurring?

JGD only partners with trusted exhibition freighting companies that give nothing less than a 100% dedicated door-to-door service that delivers on time every time.

Expos have very strict move-in time frames that must be adhered to. You simply cannot afford for your display to turn up late. This will cost you money and time that cannot be recouped. We know and fully understand all the pressures and constraints that exhibitors are under so we are dedicated to making their lives easier by coordinating the logistics of every part of the transport and delivery process. This includes labour hire (and extra staff if needed), forklift and dock movements and truck delivery.

JGD and partners drive on weekends, late evenings and early mornings. Whatever time you are scheduled to move in our truck will be there. We will never let you down.

  • We only used trusted freight companies that guarantee delivery.
  • We take care of all the logistical elements such as packing and loading and unloading at venues.
  • Your stand and shipments will be delivered to the site at the time you need them.

Stress-Free Transport and Logistics

With JGD you will never have to worry about whether your stands will arrive at the right place at the right time. Our transport and logistical services make the process stress-free.