Custom Exhibition Stands

100% Guaranteed delivery

We will Make your next event a successful, worry-free experience

Exhibiting at trade shows is an exciting and rewarding way to market your brand, make new connections and build relationships, but it can also be an overwhelming and an expensive exercise. You want to make sure that you partner with someone who has the experience to guarantee that your next event will be a successful one and assists you in taking the hassle out of exhibiting.

We have over 45 years experience partnering with clients to create unique, eye-catching, custom exhibition spaces that have helped them grow their brand's awareness and forge beneficial relationships. 

Our 45 + years have fostered an in-depth knowledge of the industry ensuring that we know the best way to get around the exhibition industry. From complex OHS / compliance issues and strange terminology, through to dealing with riggers and specialist audio visual suppliers, we understand the lot and can take the ease our of you having to navigate the complexity of exhibition jargon. 

You get to experience the following when you work with John Gibson displays for your event:

  • 100% Guaranteed delivery
  • Efficient, smart and engaging design concepts 
  • High-quality construction by skilled tradespeople.
  • A dedicated team that will take care of all aspects of your exhibiting endeavour from the project management team in the office right through to our onsite team who build your booth. 
  • Support before, during and the end of the event.
  • The benefit of years of experience and the drive to get the best possible outcomes for your brand.

More than just a good looking display

Achieving success at an event requires more than a good looking display. Great exhibition design creates a space which connects with and resonates with your targeted audience. It creates exciting experiences, entices conversations, all of which can lead to new relationships, leads and sales.

We have developed a simple and efficient process that ensures that your next exhibition display will have the impact to engage and drive brand growth at your next event.

Working with overseas exhibitors

When it comes to exhibiting in another country, you will have to me with a whole list of additional issues. Trying to deal with such things as different time zones, language barriers, cultural nuances and foreign laws can be daunting and problematic.

We have been successfully designing, building, delivering, and supporting overseas brands for over 45 years. We take care of everything, so all you need to worry about is flying in, having a productive event and flying out. If you need a partner with experience and a 100% guarantee on deliverables, feel reassured that John Gibson Displays is that partner. Some of the great names that we have partnered with include:

  • Broadmesse
  • Toning Expo
  • Oishi International
  • Olily
  • Imatop
  • C Square
  • Mojo Concepts
  • Qube
  • In 2 Design
  • UniPlan
  • Demage
  • JS Exhibition
  • Lankam
  • Assaf Netto / IAI

The John Gibson difference

With all our custom projects you also get the John Gibson Concierge experience, which is a worry free, full service exhibiting service. Our staff will always be there to advise you and take care of the small things that can get in the way of a successful event.