About Us

Over 45 years of solid history

John Gibson started working in the exhibition industry selling space as an organiser, based in Sydney working for International Trade Fairs (ITF) under Leslie Smith and Tony Farrington (1972).

When ITF realised there was a market in Melbourne to explore, they sent John to Melbourne to head up the Melbourne Division (1973).

From there John soon realised an opportunity to become a display provider to the exhibition industry instead of a space seller.

He was introduced to Brian MacNamara and together they formed Briner Gibson Displays in 1974.

John and Brian set up a basic factory in Ramage Street Bayswater where the partnership lasted only a short 6 months or so.

In 1975 John bought Brian out and re formed the company as John Gibson Displays (JGD).

In 1977 John had outgrown Ramage Street, and purchased 6,18 Kearney Street Bayswater and a warehouse facility in Wilson Street Brunswick.

JGD continued to grow as the custom exhibition industry took off.

He soon outgrew Kearney Street and in 1991 sold Kearney Street and the warehouse in Brunswick and purchased 1/2 acre in 24 Longstaff Road Bayswater, Victoria where we continue to trade today.

The late 80's / early 90's under Hawke and Keating (with the recession we had to have) had a huge impact on John as real estate prices plummeted and interest rates skyrocketed. John pushed through and continued to service the custom display market despite tough economic times.

During this time most exhibitions in Melbourne were held at the iconic heritage listed 19th century Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton, and John was a major player in shows such as the International Motor Shows that were held every year. With brands such as Volvo, Suzuki, Jaguar, Audi and VW and more John soon cemented his position in the display industry.

With innovative designs and creative marketing approaches John took otherwise conservative brands and promoted them in ways not often seen. The Volvo house in 1993 (Exhibition Buildings) was a prime example and this display took 1st prize.

Once Motor Shows moved over to the MCEC in Southbank and including the Australia wide venues, John continued his presence in this event building for Volvo, Suzuki, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Citroen, Lamborghini, Bolwell, MG Rover, Ferrari, Bonning and many more.

Motor Shows sadly came to an end in 2011 and these brands no longer exhibited the way they did.

Like the recession, it was a small bump in John's road and he continued on, seeking new relationships and new opportunities.

Today John is still active in the business enjoying the role of looking on from afar whilst his two daughters Laetitia and Alana do the day to day grind.

He does however offer to do small jobs that allow him the opportunity to take his motor home with a trailer behind as long as the venue is located somewhere warm ☺

With JGD you can trust us to deliver and with over 45 years of solid history behind us get in touch today to see how JGD can help you.